Fresh Muck Sod

Take a second to think about this. If you are purchasing muck sod for your new lawn do you want your sod sitting around for a day or two before it arrives at your home or business? Of course not! At NWA Land Services , we only offer sod cut the same day we deliver! That’s part of what makes us different than other sod companies in the local area. Fresh cut sod will not only take root faster, it will considerably affect the health of your lawn in the future.

Our sod farms take the utmost care in growing the healthiest and freshest sod pallets. We have muck sod delivery services and more! If you need grass repair for a damaged lawn, we are the solution for you! We are dedicated to high customer satisfaction and make sure you are happy with your new lawn.

For the greenest and freshest muck sod, contact NWA Land Services today! We are the best sod supplier in the area!

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