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At NWA Land Services , the name says it all. We only provide top notch fresh muck sod, cut the very day it's delivered. Fresh from the farm to your door with our outstanding sod delivery services. Need someone healthy new sod for your property? We offer delivery straight to your property so that you guarantee the best health for your new lawn.

Whenever you need new grass, contact our muck sod supplying company. We are experts in lawn repair and will take care of all your sod service needs. We literally cut your sod the same day we deliver it. We guarantee freshness and are confident all of our muck sod pallets will take root in your residence.

Our muck sod farms are maintained with the utmost care, allowing our customers to purchase fresh sod everyday! For more information regarding our sod company, call NWA Land Services today! We are the best muck sod supplier around!

We Now Accept ACH

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  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  • High Quality Service
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All sod is cut to order, Fresh muck sod from the farm to your door!


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